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rb-mikodi-003 | Daniel Djorgimajkoski - GEDANKENGUT

Daniel Djorimajkoski

RELEASE DATE!!! March 2009

Another big one that will shake your butt on the floor! With this triplet-EP he once more flows on a deep grooving wideness.

“Klopfer” knocks with a steady bell-like tune on your head surrounded by chords and vocal snippets.

“Signal” sneaks from behind into your brain with a solid and funky bassline that rides along with wide pads and harmonies.

“Shooby” swings deeply with its chords that are embedded in a warm cushion of pads.

Length 40 SEC.

Daniel Djorgimajkoski - Klopfer

Daniel Djorgimajkoski - Shooby

Daniel Djorgimajkoski - Signal

rb-mikodi-002 | Daniel Djorgimajkoski - JW88SESSIONS

Daniel Djorimajkoski


Royal Biscuit shows its bride musical range performing a fast second release going deeper this time.

"WTG" swings deeply with chords and wide delayed voices.

"Performal" pumps a very danceable chord progression on the floor.

"Chord Series" lives up to its name and flows through its sceneries.

Play it loud and open-air!

Length 40 SEC.

Daniel Djorgimajkoski - WTG

Daniel Djorgimajkoski - Performal

Daniel Djorgimajkoski - Chord Series